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We require 24 hours notice of a cancellation of an appointment. Failure to do so will result in a fee of 50% of the missed appointment. 

An appointment missed with NO notice of cancellation (No Call/No Show) will result in a fee of 100% of the missed appointment. A missed appointment could result in dismissal as a client of Luxe Hair Studio at our discretion. 

We require a valid credit card to be on file for each appointment booked, the card will be automatically charged in either of the above events. By scheduling an appointment with Luxe Hair Studio, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. 

Redo / Refunds

Any guest unsatisfied with services received by Luxe Hair Studio has a period of 7 Days to file a complaint. Our redo policy does NOT warrant mind changes, opinions of peers, or any changes in color due to lack of proper care at home. If the claim is found to be justified in that the stylist was unable to deliver the original results the client was expecting, the guest will be rescheduled within another 7 days with the original stylist or a stylist of the salon's choosing. 

Refunds are not granted unless there is damage to the hair beyond repair or there is chemical injury. In the event of either case, these two instances would need to be noted before the guest leaves the salon, as they would be noticeable immediately. 


Our entire team is abiding by state and federal regulations concerning COVID-19 safety. Please read all of the precautions we are taking in our salon to keep everyone safe and healthy! 

  • Our guests may choose to wear a mask in accordance with CDC guidelines. 

  • Cleaning between each client. After each client, we properly disinfect all equipment and surfaces touched. This does take some time and may cause a longer wait time. Please be patient with us. 

  • We wash/disinfect our hands throughout the day and in between each client. 

  • Each client is provided their own bin that will include everything needed to perform their services. Once the appointments are complete, all items will be disinfected and replaced. 

  • If you or someone that you have been in contact with are displaying any signs of COVID-19, are displaying signs of other contagious illness, or have been diagnosed with COVID-19, please reschedule your appointment for the safety of everyone. If our staff sees a client demonstrating symptoms, we reserve the right to ask the client to leave the premises. 


Due to limited space, we are only able to accommodate our clients that are receiving services. Children are welcome in the salon for their scheduled services only. We strive to create a peaceful and relaxing environment for all of our guests, and also want to ensure the safety of your children. Thank you for your understanding.

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